Free Form Pools and Spas

Free form pools are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural shape and design and the fact that they can easily accommodate small spaces. Freeform pool is the one that isn’t a regular shape (i.e. rectangular), and often one that has no straight edges at all. Free-form pools need to be extremely well-designed, or “dead spots” can develop where the water is not recirculated by the pool pump as efficiently as in the rest of the pool.  These areas will tend to accumulate detritus and algae growth). This is one of the many reasons why you need to choose an experienced pool builder.

Our design staff at Sunset Outdoor Creations will computerize the design in 3D vision, so you can visualize exactly how your outdoor free form swimming pool is going to look like before a shovel of dirt is moved. We work closely with each client to ensure the construction of your new freeform pool is designed in accordance with your personal desires. We build our pools using the highest quality materials and stay within the limits of your budget.

Our freeform pools can be artistically enhanced by using different textures, finishes and surprising accents like fire bowls. The non-traditional shape of the freeform pool can be accented with natural rock or an unlimited choice of other options, providing a more relaxed and natural look. We will design your free form swimming pool to blend into the surrounding landscape. All measurements are customized to the specific site. We will transform your backyard into a private retreat, where you can swim, splash, sun, relax and enjoy time together with friends and family.